About Us

Granite Mill Farms LLC, is a family based business located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

Wendell & Lisa Beachy and family are the owner operators. Wholesome food has been a long held tradition in their family, and they recognize that many other people also want healthier food options.

All of Granite Mill Farm’s grain is 100% organic. It is grown in the beautiful northern plains where the best wheat for bread is produced.

The grain is sprouted and dried before it is milled. This sprouting process changes the composition of the grain to make it more easily digestible. The grain is all stone ground with traditional granite stone mills to produce the fine healthy flour that has been milled for hundreds of years.

All of the sprouted flour is whole grain with no additives and nothing taken away from it.

The goal of Granite Mill Farms is to provide healthy food choices for the many people that are looking for better alternatives in feeding their families.