Pizza Crust Mix


Made with sprouted KAMUT wheat flour, our pizza crust mix makes pizza night at home fun and easy! It can also be make into breadsticks to go with your favorite soup or chili.

Ingredients: Sprouted Organic KAMUT Wheat Flour, Yeast, Sea Salt

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Our sprouted baking mixes are something we wanted to bring to the market for a long time. Each mix has been carefully blended with all-organic ingredients and our own stone-milled sprouted flours. We’ve made and taste-tested these in our own home kitchens and with friends, and are thrilled to offer them now to you- the goodness of sprouted flour in delicious, easy-to-use package!

The sprouted KAMUT flour gives this pizza crust a rich, buttery flavor and slightly chewy texture. This flour, yeast, and sea salt are the only three ingredients in this ready to use mix. No funky additives or sup-par fillers to add empty calories and questionable nutrition. All you need for delicious pizza crust is a little olive oil and some water! Plus, you can turn these into great Italian breadsticks with some garlic and cheese. Have fun with it!

Ingredients: Sprouted Organic KAMUT flour, Yeast, Sea Salt

Add: 1 cup water and 5 tsp. olive oil; plus extra flour for kneading.

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