Barley Flour


Barley flour has a mild, slightly nutty flavor and boasts a very low glycemic index. Wonderful in pancakes or quick breads!

All of our flour is 100% whole grain, USDA organic, and GMO free. It is ground in small batches on a traditional stone mill. Choose between Sprouted or Natural (unsprouted).


“Best barley flour found so far. Lovely flavor and texture!”

“This flour bakes quickly, has a light texture, is easy to handle and has a great taste.”

“Excellent for pancakes and waffles!”

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Flour Profile

Species: Hordeum vulgare

Flavor: Sweet, nutty, light

Fun fact: Ancient Mesopotamians used barley as currency.

Barley is another ancient grain that, like rye and oats, is often overlooked as such because it has consistently remained an agricultural staple. Thought to originate in the Eastern Mediterranean area, barley has been grown from Scandinavia to China for thousands of years. It is still one of the top five grain crops worldwide. Only about 10% of this production goes toward human consumption, however, the rest being used as animal feed or in the beverage industry. This also likely contributes to misunderstandings of barley’s value as a food source, but we think it’s worth rediscovering.

Barley provides excellent nutrition. Notably, it has the lowest glycemic index of any whole grain, thanks to its impressive fiber content. It is a good source of several B-vitamins, and is often recommended as part of a heart-healthy diet, or to help control blood sugar. The flour is light, sweet-smelling, and versatile. We like it in waffles, or use it in hearty breads or pound cakes. Whole barley berries are integral, of course, in beef and barley soup, and barley porridge makes a satisfying breakfast.

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