Einkorn Berries


The original ancient wheat, einkorn yields a delicate flour with a light flavor.

All of our grain berries are 100% organic and GMO free. Choose between Sprouted or Natural (unsprouted).


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Grain Profile

Species: Triticum monococcum

Flavor: Sweet, light, toasty

Fun fact: Einkorn is a diploid wheat, meaning it has fewer chromosomes than most others. This may contribute to easier digestion for those with gluten sensitivity.

Einkorn is famous for being THE original ancient wheat. But it has a lot going for it beyond an impressive heritage. The small, flattened kernels mill beautifully into a light, fluffy flour that hardly seems whole grain. It is delicious in breakfast pastries like waffles and scones. Like other ancient wheats, it can be used successfully in breads, but care should be taken to avoid damaging the more fragile gluten proteins.

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