Hard Red Wheat Berries


Nutty, flavorful, and high in fiber; hard red spring wheat makes a wonderful, hearty homemade bread.

All of our grain berries are 100% organic and GMO free. Choose between Sprouted or Natural (unsprouted).


“This is fabulous sprouted wheat flour – flavor is crisp and nutty. It makes delicious waffles!”

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Grain Profile

Species: Triticum aestivum

Flavor: Hearty, full, robust

Fun fact: Wheat is one of humanity’s most foundational food sources; today, approximately 1 in 5 calories consumed globally comes from wheat.

A versatile kitchen staple with fabulous whole wheat flavor, Hard Red is the king of American wheats and prized for its culinary performance. It is the most widely grown wheat in the U.S. by a significant margin. With bran and germ left intact, we stone-mill our Hard Red berries to let the complex, bittersweet flavors shine through. The flour can be used in nearly any cooking situation, but is particularly good in wholesome artisanal breads.

All wheats contain gluten, but to varying degrees. High-gluten strains are classified as “hard”, while those with less gluten are known as “soft”. Hard wheats, then, are better suited for making strong doughs- think bread or pizza dough, anything where you need that all-important chew factor. Soft wheats, on the other hand, are great for baked goods that are best kept tender and flaky, such as pie crust, biscuits, or scones.

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