Red Fife Wheat Berries


Red Fife is a North American heirloom wheat with a rich, distinctive flavor and aroma.

All of our grain berries are 100% organic and GMO free. Choose between Sprouted or Natural (unsprouted).

 “The quality of the product is outstanding, and the aroma when baking is heavenly. I baked loaves for two of my neighbors and they’re convinced it’s the best bread out there! I have a gluten sensitive daughter in law, but she can eat the bread I make with Red Fife…. Loves it!”

“This flour added to my sourdough artisan bread dough makes a loaf that is sweet, complex, nutty and oh just delicious.”

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Grain Profile

Species: Triticum aestivum

Flavor: Complex, sweet, grassy

Fun fact: Red fife has also been known as Saskatchewan fife and Scotch fife.

Red Fife wheat is a Canadian heirloom grain, thought to be related to the Ukrainian heirloom Halychanka. Its exact European origins are a bit fuzzy, but it likely came from either Ukraine or Poland. A Scottish immigrant named David Fife acquired some and planted it on his Ontarian farm in the 1840s. Within a few decades, it dominated the Canadian prairies. Its legacy continues to this day in Canada’s abundant wheat fields- many of the more modern wheats still trace their lineage back to red fife.

What really sets red fife apart from today’s hard red wheats is its distinct flavor, and that it pre-dates the extensive hybridization that was done in 20th century. It makes an excellent bread, thanks to its good gluten formation and rich taste, but is also wonderful in muffins, crackers, and more. Or blend it with a weaker gluten flour, like spelt or rye, to improve bakes without sacrificing taste.

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