Rye Flour


An ancient cereal grain with a signature taste, rye flour is key for pumpernickel and other rustic breads.

All of our flour is 100% whole grain, USDA organic, and GMO free. It is ground in small batches on a traditional stone mill. Choose between Sprouted or Natural (unsprouted).


“Wonderful product…comparing it to other rye flours, this is a good deal and it makes outstanding bread.”

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Flour Profile

Species: Secale cereale

Flavor: Malty, bittersweet, earthy

Fun fact: Rye is the only non-wheat cereal grain that is capable of making a true loaf of bread.

Rye has a long history in agriculture, having been first cultivated millennia ago. Unlike other early cereals, however, it never completely fell out of favor as a valuable crop, and so is often overlooked when people think of ancient grains. It owes this long-term success to its unique properties; which, while they have never overtaken wheat’s supercrop status, have given rye an enduring place in our hearts (and stomachs!). Rye is hardier than wheat and more tolerant of poor soils, thereby providing a valuable food source in regions where wheat is too difficult. It makes an excellent cover crop. And its flavor and culinary value continue to delight sandwich lovers and artisan bakers worldwide.

Deli rye is often made with refined rye flour to create a lighter loaf, while whole grain rye flour yields a beautiful dark bread known as pumpernickel. But don’t just limit yourself to amazing bread! Rye can add another layer of flavor to most any baked item. It is often paired with cocoa in chocolate waffles or brownies, or with cinnamon to make a deliciously moist coffee cake.

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